Joplin High School Construction Update

By Carla Pesono

Published 01/20 2014 07:27PM

Updated 01/20 2014 10:48PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- Joplin High School and the Franklin Technology Center are well on their way to completion. The construction team say this project is much more difficult than the other schools in the area because of the complexity of the designs. 

"I think we are about 55 to 65 percent complete," said Mike Johnson, Facilities Director. 

Facilities Director Mike Johnson says right now they are about 14 months into the project. Once it's completely done, it would have taken them roughly two years, which should have been a four year project. 

"We just want these kids back home, ya know, complete the circle, get them back in their permanent school. It's more than just a regular construction project it's all about the kids, every worker on the job knows that," said Johnson. 

Though they plan on having the building ready for students in August, there will still be more work to complete several months after.

"We will still be working in the auditorium and probably various other areas we will still be under construction," said Johnson. 
Crews lost time due to both weather and soil conditions from mining activity. Especially when completing the engine room, where the electrical panels, boilers and chillers are.

"That's like the heart of the building. We need that in and so that is one of our focal objectives right now," said Johnson. 

It's all about the features of the buildings. A performing arts and orchestra pit that seats 1200 people, three gyms, the varsity one seating up to 2500 people, four courtyards and a rose garden that are in between the buildings, a baseball and softball field, football and track field, a soccer field, tennis courts, and safe rooms in all buildings. 

"The intent of the designers was to make it more like a community college feel to it rather than a traditional high school. I think the students are going to like it," said Johnson. 

Johnson adds the pre-cast concrete for the auditorium is expected to go up any day now and the gym is ready to be enclosed. Hopefully, the good weather remains so it won't cause any more set backs.

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