Joplin City Council Investigation Report

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 04/04 2014 05:01PM

Updated 04/04 2014 10:29PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- The City of Joplin releases the entire report of a private investigation into several city council members. We now have the missing pages from the original report that was released to the media a few months ago. Those missing pages focus specifically on former city manager, Mark Rohr, and concerns about his management style, which were brought forth by city employees. Several city employees testified Rohr created a hostile work environment and intimidated employees. 

Direct quotes from the investigation report say "that Rohr rules with intimidation." "Many city employees are just flat scared of him." "Stress trickles down to the whole fourth floor."

Private Investigator Tom Loraine determined that during Rohr's last four years of service, he had "too much concentration of power."  And he would not be able to achieve future job goals. Investigator Loraine says "It also has surfaced that City Manager Rohr is very difficult to work under, continually creating an environment demeaning and hostile with intimidation and even fear in some employees."

The report also identifies city employees who claim they have seen Mark Rohr physically lay hands on his wife, "Grabbing and shaking." Loraine continues the report by saying employees testified that "the people on the second floor talk about seeing bruises on Mrs. Rohr." One employee said he witnessed "Mr. Rohr confront and physically push Mrs. Rohr in the lower level of the old city hall." 

Loraine goes on with additional testimonies of when Mark Rohr does not act in the best interests of the city. Amongst those, a Goodyear account that was moved without securing bids, which is necessary by state law and city code. According to Former City Council Member Jim West and Councilman Bill Scearce "a Goodyear account was taken away for tires to be purchased because the manager at Goodyear did not do Mark Rohr a personal favor by moving him up in line for service on Mark Rohr's personal vehicle."

Loraine says another area of irresponsible conduct, Mark Rohr's refusal to utilize City Attorney Brian Head in negotiations with Wallace- Bajjali. Attorney Head says this has more recently occurred for the beginning of negotiations with the minor league baseball team. The report says "Rohr explained this failure to employ Attorney Head, that Mr. Head makes negotiations more difficult."

Former Mayor Richard Russell testified that Mr. Rohr has some very limited use of the city attorney on Wallace Bajjali matters. Rohr was fired February 4th in a 5 to 4 vote during a Joplin City Council meeting. He has since taken a job in League City, Texas. The entire investigation report is approximately 1,000 pages. We have posted the 62 page summary that includes the 9 missing pages. Our team will continue to study the documents and post the latest updates on our website.

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