Joplin City Council Elects New Mayor

By Carla Pesono

Published 04/14 2014 08:59PM

Updated 04/14 2014 10:12PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- Tonight the Joplin City Council elected a new mayor and mayor pro-tem for the city. The new elected mayor is Mike Seibert and the new mayor pro-tem is Morris Glaze. It was a packed meeting tonight as Miranda Lewis and Ryan Stanley join the city council, all confident the city is heading in the right direction. 

"When we complete our redevelopment, Joplin will be on a positive course for generations," said Mike Seibert, Joplin Mayor. 

Joplin Council Member Mike Seibert has been elected as mayor of Joplin.

"I just want to be that positive voice, that voice that communicates to the public and I want to be very open and very honest with all the information that comes out of the city," said Seibert. 

Mike Seibert has been on council for six years and was just re-elected to the council. Newly elected city council member, Ryan Stanley nominated him for mayor. The rest of the council all voted yes. There were no other nominations for mayor.

"I would say that my nomination of Mike was more about who I thought would be the most logical mayor. I thought it would be him or Gary Shaw. I would have been fine with either one," said Ryan Stanley, Joplin City Council Member. 

"I'm excited for Mike. I'm excited for the different things he's going to bring forth and the way he's going to represent our city. I have no doubt he'll do a fantastic job," said Melodee Colbert-Kean, Former Joplin Mayor.  

For mayor pro-tem, Councilman Mike Woolston nominated Morris Glaze, while Councilman Dr. Benjamin Rosenberg nominated Ryan Stanley. The council voted five to four for Morris Glaze as mayor pro-tem.

"Working with Mayor Seibert, I think we have a lot of good things coming forward. Rebuild Joplin's our main focus, get the homes back in the area and meet those goals by 2016," said Morris Glaze, Joplin Mayor Pro-Tem. 

New council members Ryan Stanley and Miranda Lewis joined the council for a four year term, both are excited to give a new voice for the city.

"As we rebuild, I hope to bring a fresh voice and some optimism and just get us back on track. I'm excited to where we're all headed," said Miranda Lewis, Joplin City Council Member. 

"I think we have nine strong independent decision makers. I think if we were committed to work together, I think great things are in store for Joplin," said Stanley. 

Both Glaze and Seibert will serve in their new positions until 2016. While Stanley and Lewis will serve for a four year term.

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