Joplin City Arborist conducts area tree study

JOPLIN, Mo. - The city arborist is working on a three phase of study of thousands of Oak, Elm and Pine trees. The first part focused on an inventory of parks, cemeteries and other public areas.

They just wrapped up the second phase, looking at trees in public right-of-way.

Contractors says it's giving them a much better idea of what trees are in the area.

"We were pleasantly surpassed that we had more than we thought actually, so in the tornado zone, we estimate we lost 17,000 total so that includes public and private. So, it's nice to get a sense of what's still remaining within that zone," explained city arborist Mike McDaniel.

Experts add they also make sure there isn't too much of one species of tree. They say in the past, an over population of a certain type of tree can mean when a disease comes along it wipes out almost the entire tree population. 


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