Job practice for Veterans.

Veteran Mike Klarner has been without a job for several months, but hopes after attending a "work ready" workshop, his luck will change.

"I've been doing online and then going out and seeing signs or going here because they have a you know they post jobs here and they have job fairs," said veteran Mike Klarner. "I just haven't had any luck."  

Stations were set up at the Joplin Job Center -- sharing tips on preparing for a job. These included updating resumes, printing extra paperwork, and even practicing for an interview. 

"I just need a job," said Klarner. "You can't be picky if you need a job."

Event director and veteran Jimmy Burgess says sometimes it's tougher for former service men and women to land a job. 

"It's important for veterans because sometimes they don't understand how to relate their skill set from the military and everything they've learned and how to utilize that in the civilian job force to get a good job," said event director Jimmy Burgess.

On Friday, more than 20 employers will be interviewing veterans at the Job Center, and Klarner is ready. 

"They said I'm pretty strong with actual interview and I have good responses for you know they think I can do pretty good in an interview." 

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