JHS Constitution Team needs funds to go to D.C.

A local high school is competing in a national competition.

"The Constitution impacts the way our government operates and the way that everything around you operates,” says Keaton Campbell.

Students on the Joplin High School Constitution Team are headed to Washington D.C. in hopes of taking home the title as "We The People" national champions. This competition held annually will be attended by students from all across country and overseas territories. 

"It's just a great opportunity to be able to present something that we've worked so hard on for all these months. To very professional people lawyers up in D.C and politicians and public figures,” says Keaton Campbell.

Joplin Team Member Tyler Gray says they qualified for the competition after winning the Missouri Constitution State Competition held last December. He says he is looking forward to the opportunity to represent his school in this year's competition.

"It's basically a mock congressional hearing. You've got 3 judges..usually sitting in front of you and then there's 3 people in each unit..we have 6 units. Each unit has a set of 3 questions and the judges will pick one of those questions for the unit to present,” says Tyler Gray.

The constitution team promotes civic awareness and responsibility among students. They utilize a variety of methods to prepare for the competition.

"We bring in local lawyers and another local person who has helped us with this in year's past and we read our cases to them and they critique us,” says Don Archer.

The team is in need of sponsors to help them make the trip to Washington D.C.

"Currently we have a Go Fund Me that were sharing on Facebook and we need to raise about 20,000 in order to be able to compete,” says Kenton Campbell.

If you are interested in helping the team travel to nationals, you can visit the link we have provided here.

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