Jasper County Voter Turn Out Expected to be Low for Primary

(Jasper County, MO) -- Local officials expect a low voter turnout for today's presidential preference primary in Jasper County.

Barbara Miller is an election judge at one of the polling places in Jasper County.

"I feel like its a civic duty to help."

Though her enthusiasm for exercising your right to vote doesn't seem to be a shared feeling at the polls today.

"It's very disappointing," poll worker Barbara Mill says. "People have the right and they don't come out and don't use a vote a lot of service people have lost their lives to for or."

Jasper County Clerk Bonnie Earl expects about 15 to 17% of a turnout from registered voters.

Numbers she says aren't surprising.

"It's an election that carries no weight," Jasper County Clerk Bonnie Earl says.

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