Jasper County law enforcement press conference

Missouri state lawmakers gather to voice their support for law enforcement.

CARTHAGE, Mo. - State Senators Ron Richard and Mike Parson held a press conference at the Jasper County Courthouse on Thursday. It focused on recent events, where law enforcement agents were shot and killed. Parson said something had to be done to prevent incidents like that in the future. That's why he plans to introduce legislation in December that would charge anyone who attempted to kill or killed someone in law enforcement with a hate crime.
"Law enforcement never ask for much at all, you know, the reality of it is they go to work everyday, they get in the patrol car and they do whatever that radio tells them to do. They get dispatched to go to something, they don't think twice about going out there to protect people, that's their job," said Mike Parson, Missouri State Senator.
Parson has a history in law enforcement, having served as sheriff in Polk County.

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