Interview with the McPherson's attorney

For the first time since the death of three year old Jayda Kyle, a representative of her mother's family speaks on the record. I sat down with the attorney for Devyn Kyle and the McPherson family. 

Joe Passanise answered a long list of questions. The conversation started with the family's grieving process and the impact of the controversy over the case online.

"Social media has taken its toll on them. And these are individuals that have been fully cooperating with law enforcement almost daily with requests and inquiries,” says Joe Passanise, McPherson Attorney.

But Passanise offered few details when it came to the alleged child abuse leading to Jayda Kyle's death.

I asked him what he tell us about Devyn and the McPherson's timeline on the night of the incident.

"Unfortunately, due to the ongoing nature of the juvenile proceeding, the confidentiality of the process, I cannot discuss those matters,” said Joe Passanise.

That was the response to the timing of the 911 call, when the McPherson family was notified Jayda was brain dead, and what role they played in allowing accused murderer Jalen Vaden access to Jayda's hospital room, although he had been stripped of the privilege.  

"Again, due to the ongoing nature of the juvenile proceeding, I don't want to violate the nature of those proceedings,” said Joe Passanise.

The family of Jayda's father Mack Kyle has said state Department of Social Services documents question whether Jayda's grandfather Judd McPherson attempted to manipulate or direct the criminal investigation.

"I can assure you that the McPherson's have been not only fully cooperative but continue to be cooperative with law enforcement, answering all inquiries,” says Joe Passanise.

Passanise is a criminal attorney from Springfield and is representing Jayda's mother Devyn Kyle and the McPherson family, both in custody proceedings for Jayda's 5 year old brother and the questions from law enforcement in the the criminal investigation.

22 year old Jalen Vaden is charged in the death but the Jasper County sheriff confirmed today that the investigation continues. However, he says there is no new information to release to to the public at this time. 

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