Insurance Policies Canceled Under the Affordable Care Act Allowed One More Year

Published 11/15 2013 09:03PM

Updated 11/15 2013 10:52PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- President Obama is reversing a law that caused many Americans to lose their health care coverage due to the Affordable Care Act. 

"The minimum standards under the new Affordable Care Act basically state that policies that are sold in 2014 and forward have to have 10 essential health benefits," said Amanda Mitchell, Freeman Grant Coordinator.

Health insurance plans that didn't meet the standards set by Obamacare were canceled. Now, President Obama is allowing people who lost coverage to get back on their previous plan.

"President Obama announced a policy reversal that basically allowed insurance companies to temporarily keep people on their health insurance benefits if they didn't meet the standards that were under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act," said Mitchell. 

Although the standards might sound reasonable.

"That includes maternity care, mental health services, prescription coverage, among other things. Also insurance companies can't charge women more than men, they can't cancel your policies if you get sick and they can't keep you from getting insurance because you have a pre-existing condition," said Mitchell. 

Many Americans were satisfied with their existing coverage.

"There's been a lot of people that have been upset because they were happy with the coverage they had, their current policies that maybe didn't have as much benefits or coverage to them," said Mitchell. 

That's why the president is extending the plans by one more year. While you might like the sound of this, local experts say there might be better options.

"We're just encouraging people to keep shopping their options. If they are able to continue with their plan they had before that was previously going to be canceled, we want to make sure they know what their other options are," said Mitchell. 

Experts emphasize people will still be required to have health insurance starting in 2014. Those who do not will be penalized on their tax return.

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