Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Governor Sam Brownback declares January Human Trafficking Awareness month.

Today, he signed a proclamation surrounded by the attorney general's office, The Department for Children and Families, and others. The state's attorney general says thousands of people become victims of human trafficking each year. 

Earlier this year, the legislature passed a law tightens the penalties for traffickers. That law includes training for truck drivers on how to identify trafficking victims. Governor Brownback says he thinks the state has made good progress in trying to stop trafficking. 

"You see how people can get drug into and how it happens, but then the system, we really have to fight against that and the thing I’m very encouraged about is how much people have awaken to what has taken place here,” says Governor Sam Brownback.

The attorney general says trafficking victims can vary in age, but sex trafficking victims tend be young kids between the ages of 12 and 14.

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