Hoof Trimmer Stand Inventor

Published 07/10 2014 07:11PM

Updated 07/10 2014 10:25PM

NEOSHO, MO.--- "It saves a lot of bending over, having to reach down and usually they won't get in it, but you put them down on the ground and they'll try to get up," said Jesse Richards, 15-year-old inventor.

That's why Jesse Richards has created a hoof trimmer stand.

"A little bit of lumber and a 55 gallon barrel. I cut the front out of it," said Richards. 
That's all the materials Richards needed to make the stand.

"You just grab them, you just back them straight up to it. You already got it leaned up to a wall or whatever, and you just kind of lift their head and set them back in. Then you can tie their clean rope up to the top bar, and then you can just do whatever you're going to do," he said. 

Sheep are relaxed and less stressed when they sit on their bottom. Cowboys benefit as well. 

"Well, we took a lot of pain by having to flip them over and stand them in between your legs, so we thought that we would come up with something," he said. 


"I would take about a day, instead of two days, verses just doing it on the ground," said Richards. 

Richards is showing his sheep at the Newton County Fair and has qualified for market sale for the first time. 

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