H&M offers 15% discount when you donate old clothes

There's the new clothes for the holiday and even more that you'll be giving for presents. It replaces countless sweaters, shirts and jeans that you just don't want anymore. Now you can recycle those and get a discount in the bargain.

Riley Henson is taking advantage of big sales for the holidays.

Riley Henson, Neosho: "I bought a sweater. Good deal? 10 dollars."

She's shopping at the newly opened H&M store at Northpark Mall. And her next trip could cost even less, if she's willing to get rid of some clothes she doesn't want anymore.

Patrick Shaner, H&M: "You can bring them in and donate them with us and then you as a customer would get a 15% discount at your purchase."

It's a fabric recycling program. Any clothing, any brand, in any condition. H&M's goal is to see them reused instead of in the trash.

Patrick Shaner, H&M: "We have them sent to a sorting facility and they're reused in some way so they're not going to a landfill which is really what the program is about." 

Items in the best shape will be resold as secondhand merchandise in other parts of the world. A stain or a rip sends them in a different direction. Patrick Shaner, H&M: "There's reuse which is the textile isn't in perfect condition or worn - it can be you know cut up and into something new like cleaning cloths or insulation."

In the worst case, the fibers are recycled into new textiles. The program started in 2013 and has already handled more than 40,000 tons of clothing.

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