Historic motor lodge is back in business with a few changes

JOPLIN, Mo. - This property on North Main Street in Joplin opened almost 80 years ago, but over the decades, it has fallen into disrepair. It took about two years to refurbish the structures on the property.


The complex was originally called the 'Westport Motor Lodge'. They're a series of eight buildings and they all date back to the 1940's.


It reopened two weeks ago with a new name and a new mission statement. It's called the Enlight Inn and Cafe and if it helps you relax, unwind or live well, you'll probably find it here.


"We have the infrared sauna, bio feedback message therapy, we have self hypnosis, brain wave therapy, whole body vibration. We have different ayurovedic treatments, message therapy, Facia Blasting and flotation therapy," explained owner Christa Tullis.


Christa Tullis has been in the health and wellness industry for two decades, teaching everything from nutrition and pilates, to yoga and stress reduction. Different rooms feature different types of therapy, while some provide the standard service with perks. 


"If somebody was just wanting stay in one of the rooms, the beds are on an incline for better circulation, deeper sleep and less pain," Tullis added. "The beds are all grounded so there's a matt that helps you feel like you're grounded to the earth."


Carissa Smart is quickly becoming one of the inn's most faithful visitors.


"I've done the floatation therapy tank, the infrared sauna and the Facia Blasting with a massage," said Smart. "The sensory deprivation of the tank is a good way of shutting the sound and cell phone and any interaction."


For more information on the hours of operation and services provided, click here.


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