Heather Bowers Decision

 Former Neosho Council Woman Heather Bowers won't be reinstated to the council.  It took the four members just seconds to make the decision Monday night. Action 12's Liz Bryant has more.

Council members decided not to excuse Bowers absences. In a 3 to 1 vote, their decision upholds her removal.

Bowers had missed three consecutive council meetings. The charter states if you have 3 unexcused absences, you forfeit your seat. She submitted phone records to prove that she had contacted the Mayor about her sick child, to excuse an absence.

 Richard Davidson, Tom Workman, and Matt Persinger voted to not excuse the absences. While David Ruth voted to excuse one of the absences.

 Neosho Mayor Richard Davidson says there is a lesson learned out of this incident. "We're going to need to set some clear guidelines on how you do things with attendance. Every council member on this council have been involved with excusing absences before. Ms. Bowers has been absent before and not excused. At no time did that procedure come up until today" says, Davidson.

"My plan for the future. To go ahead and pursue the written investigation that has been filed with the city manager. Involving several incidents around Neosho. Some of them involve misconduct among the police. Some involve water revenues" says, Bowers.

 Four men have applied to assume Bowers responsibilities. The council has 30 days to appoint someone.  Mayor Davidson says the council will likely do this next week.

 Heather Bowers says she is considering running for County Commissioner in the future.

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