Greensburg Mayor Tours Joplin Energy Efficient Homes and Businesses

Published 05/12 2014 06:21PM

Updated 05/12 2014 08:25PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- The mayor of a city devastated by an EF-5 tornado visits with Joplin's mayor to reinforce rebuilding green. People living in Greensburg and Joplin both decided to rebuild green following their disasters. One Joplin couple opened up their home today to show us they've rebuilt an energy-efficient home.

Charles 'Hugh' Shields and his wife, Ramona, have lived in a Joplin home for about two years. The couple decided to rebuild after the May 2011 tornado with green practices in mind.

"It's part of a growing trend," said Charles 'Hugh' Shields, Joplin Resident.

The Shields home was a stop for Joplin Mayor Michael Seibert and Greensburg, Kansas Mayor Bob Dixson Monday. They met for a tour of green projects.

"It's very important to go to communities and learn from each other of what's worked what hasn't worked, what's been challenging, what's been sub optimal," said Mayor Bob Dixson, Greensburg, KS. 

Greensburg was hit by an EF-5 tornado in 2007 and chose to rebuild a green, energy-efficient community. It's much like how GreenTown Joplin started green rebuilding projects like the Shields.

"The only thing we've used to heat the home in the past two winters is the wood stove and passive solar," said Shields. 

The south facing windows means the suns comes in the winter and is shaded in the summer. Other features include a safe room that doubles as a closet and the home's insulation.

"Insulation means that you walk up to a wall in the wintertime, it's warm. If you walk up to a wall in the summer time, it's cool," said Shields. 

Shields expects that he saves more than 300 a month on energy costs.

"It just makes me so inspired that people without any mandates have chosen to build back in such an amazing way that will inspire other people to do that," said Catherine Hart, GreenTown Joplin. 

The mayors also toured Advanced Orthotics and Prosthetics. GreenTown Joplin is a project of Greensburg GreenTown.

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