Greenfield Schools to install solar energy system

Greenfield Schools is making improvements to help reduce its carbon footprint.

GREENFIELD, Mo. - As a move to help reduce electricity usage, The Greenfield School District is changing its ways.
"We'll be installing 376 kilowatt solar system on the high school and elementary to help them off set their electric cost," said Jason Fulp, Sun Solar Manager of Marketing and PR.
The system will produce power for 30 to 40 years, leaving 20-30 years worth of savings. 
"We're looking at a way to be ahead of the financial part of our school and also doing something good for the environment," said Jeff Davis, Greenfield R-IV School District Superintendent.
In total, the district expects to offset 85% of its total electric bill and save more than $2 million.
"Looking at the solar and LED, it would bring that down to about somewhere between $2,000 to $3,000 dollars a month, which is quite an improvement. But if you look at what projected utility costs is going to be, say in the next 25 years, that $10,000 a month can be $18,000 a month," said Davis. 
Representatives with Sun Solar says according to Missouri law, the district will also be able to sell power back to the electric company.
"The solar system will off set their electric bill during the day while the sun is shining, and during the night when they go back off to the grid, they're going to have a credit that they're using," said Fulp.
The district plans on funding the almost $700,000 project with $125,000 worth of free cash rebates from Empire District Electric and a loan.
"A low interest energy loan, basically, that's going to be the funding. It's a 10 year note with the idea that this will be paid off between 17 years, and you know, everything after that will be financial savings for us," said Davis. 
The district also plans to install LED lights in all classrooms to save money by not having to change light bulbs as often. Davis says they plan to have the project completed by this December.

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