Girard Issues Repair Order for Homes

By Bryan McLoone |

Published 07/02 2014 08:38PM

Updated 07/02 2014 10:16PM

GIRARD, KS.--- Brian Garren lives in Opolis, but recently got a notice from the City of Girard about the property he owns at 317 West Walnut.

"About a month ago, I got a letter that said that I needed to rehab my property," said Brian Garren, Girard Property Owner.

Garren's property, along with six other properties, have been placed on the city's structure in disrepair list. Garren says his property is in the same state as when he bought it a year ago.

"I bought it as a repo from the bank. It had been empty for probably a year or more at that time," said Garren.

"We look at the main parts of the structure. Like the roof system, the exterior, foundation, to see if it is a liveable structure," said Tom McLeod, Community Development Director.

Girard Community Development Director Tom McLeod says the city only looks at structures that have been left abandoned. The city says these seven properties are unfit for human occupancy, based on lack of ventilation, sanitation, and maintenance.  

"We have a point rating system. If there in, up to like 70% standard, then they get placed on the list," said McLeod.

Mcleod says these homes bring down the value of the homes around them.    

"You'll have a nice house on one side, a nice house on the other. And in the middle, a house that is in need of repair. So, you know, that's what we're after," said McLeod.   

The city is giving owners, like Garren, until September 27th to start fixing their properties before looking into options to tear them down. 

"They see it as an eye sore, which at this point it is. And, you know, they sent me letter and said you need to get it done. So I need to get it done," said Garren.

Garren says he has started working on his property. He's already repaired the foundation and will start fixing the electric and plumbing. McLeod says he has heard from at least two other property owners who said they will fix up their properties as well.  

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