Galena KOMA Investigation Results

By Carla Pesono

Published 07/23 2014 09:05PM

Updated 07/23 2014 10:18PM

GALENA, KS.--- This investigation was prompted by the county attorney's office since they received more than 100 letters alleging the mayor and council members violated KOMA. At the special meeting tonight, nearly 100 residents showed up to hear the results. The County Attorney Nathan Coleman says so far in the investigation, the facts discovered have not proven a violation of KOMA.

However, the City of Galena agreed to cancel its actions taken at the regular meeting on July 7th and reopen the issues for discussion and vote at a special meeting to be scheduled. This agreement comes with the recognition of both the county and the City of Galena. Now, Cherokee County residents will have an opportunity to voice their opinion.

"They figured that they were wrong in what they did and they didn't have the public support. So, now they're backing up and let us speak, but I imagine they will still carry on and do what they plan on doing," said Shelly Wall, Cherokee County resident.

"I'm not totally against this, you know, the county's growing, the city's growing, we're all growing, but we need to do this in a fair and open way. I'd like to see where the city taxpaying residents, if we're going to get this, we get a better share," said Calvin Ward, Galena resident

Galena Mayor Dale Oglesby says the council wants the public input or else they wouldn't have had this special meeting Tuesday night.

"To say that we're not going to listen to the comments would be ridiculous. If we wouldn't want to do that we'd already passed it, we didn't even have to have this meeting, so the very fact that we had this meeting signifies that our council is responsive to the people," said Dale Oglesby, Galena Mayor. 

The Galena City Council will be holding a special meeting Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. at Baxter Springs High School. Also, Galena City Attorney Kevin Cure resigns as general counsel for Cherokee County commissioners. He said he felt he was being too much of a distraction.

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