Galena City Leaders Suspend All Landfill Talks Until Next Year

By Bryan McLoone |

Published 07/30 2014 09:09PM

Updated 07/31 2014 09:30AM

GALENA, KS.--- At a special meeting, the Galena City Council decides to suspend all landfill talks until next January.

"This was an acknowledgment of our failure to communicate with the people in the impacted areas," says Dale Oglesby, Galena Mayor.

Galena Mayor Dale Oglesby read a prepared statement acknowledging the council didn't take the best approach for this plan.  

"Although we complied with the all, we certainly didn't comply with good etiquette and good government etiquette. And for that we apologized," says Mayor Oglesby. 

Some of the other terms involve the city including the Citizen Committee in all landfill meetings, and holding no landfill discussions unless a meeting notice is posted at least 30 days before the discussion.

"By not including stakeholders, you get the idea, you know, we work in the city, we don't have to reach out pass the city. But the minute we start walking pass the city, it affects others," says Mayor Oglesby.

"It's a way for everybody to slow down.  And for us to get to the fundamental question of do we need a landfill," says Jason Bolt, Cherokee County Community Action Group Chairman. 

Chairman of the Cherokee County Community Action Group Jason Bolt says the community showing up made a big impact. 

"I think we have at least made people stop and listen. Time is on our side. So we're not in any hurry to make a decision," says Bolt.        

Mayor Oglesby hopes by implementing these new standards, the city and its residents can begin to amend the broken trust.

"We love unity and community. We love good governance, and we wanted to see unity and good governance prevail," says Mayor Oglesby.  

The council also voted unanimously to give the property back to the owner of the annexed land the City of Galena was planning to use for the landfill site. By giving this land back, the city will no longer have that area as an option for a future landfill.

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