Shoal Creek Water Festival

One of the biggest fundraisers for Wildcat Glades takes place this weekend.

JOPLIN, Mo. - Its the annual Shoal Creek Water Festival. There are three ways you can take part in the event. There's the Kids Shoe Box Boat Building Contest for $5. You can enter the cardboard boat race for $25 or you can purchase one of the rubber ducks that will be dumped into Shoal Creek as part of the annual duck race.
"For the ducks, you purchase ducks and you do that clear up until around 1:45 the day of of the actual duck race. So, we can see them out out at the actual water festival and they can have a, they can buy as many as they want," said Robin Standridge, Wildcat Glades and Audubon Center.
The deadline to enter both boat building contests is 5:00  p.m. Wednesday. For a full schedule for the event, click here

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