Fort Scott Community College training center switches locations

FORT SCOTT, Kan. - Fort Scott Community College Director of Admissions Matt Glades says the training students at the John Deere Technology Center receive is comprehensive.

"Safety regulations, harvesting equipment, air conditioning, heating and air conditioning," Glades explained.

Glades says you have to be sponsored by a John Deere dealership to be in the program, and it's one the school is very proud of.

"There's only a certain few in the United States as a whole, so to get into this program, to get that sponsorship, I mea,n you obviously have to display something to those dealers that you are worth the investment and you are worth the time," Glades added.


So when the building that currently houses the program, located in Frontenac, was sold last year, there was never any doubt about keeping the program going.

"So at that point, they started looking at some of the other options for where to move that program to," said Heather Browne with FSCC.

After examining all options, Browne says the one that made the most sense for the school was moving the facility to the Fort Scott campus, and housing it in the facility formerly occupied by the National Guard.

"We already have some of the programs there, and so we saw that there was some underutilized space and we thought we could move the John Deere program there," Browne explained.


And because they'll be so close to campus, the move could have some big benefits for the students.

"They'll be in close proximity to the main campus, so they'll be closer to all the activities we have here-- the student organizations, the sports games and also they'll be able to live in the dorms if they want to," said Browne.


Which Glades believes could make them better students.

"To me, college is more than just inside a classroom-- it's the experience outside the classroom that can make you a more well-rounded person," Glades explained.


The school will be making renovations at the armory to accommodate the John Deere program. That work is expected to be completed in time for classes to begin next fall.


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