Empire Distict Outages

Empire is focusing early repair efforts on restoring electrical service to wastewater and other infrastructure.  After transmission lines are repaired, crews will work on sub-stations, then main arteries before moving neighborhood to neighborhood.  High winds took down 150 transmission poles and 325 distribution poles and a number of power-lines within Empire's service area.  83,000 Empire District Electric meters were off-line earlier today.  Right now, 71,000 Empire District Electric customers are still without service. 

Empire representatives say both transmission and distribution lines were damages by the storm.  All transmission lines leading into and out of Empire's Asbury Plant were damaged. 

Empire is still assessing damage, but officials hope to have electricity restored to all customers by late Monday.  All eight operating areas served by Empire were impacted by the storm.  All Empire's Field Service Crews have been activated.  120 Linesmen from Kansas City Power and light are on their way to help, as are 160 Linesmen from Contract Crews and another 50 Line Personnel from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Empire has already restored service to over 12,000 customers today.  Crews will continue to work around the clock. 

Empire is asking customers who are experiencing outages to call 1-800-206-2300 to make a report.  But with the high volume of call coming into the call system, many customers will be routed to the automated system.  Callers do not need to call back, the information will be in the Empire system.  For more information and safety tips, log onto Empire District's website

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