Economic Security Corporation HERO Program

The Economic Security Corporation receives funding to continue the HERO Program.

JOPLIN, Mo. - "I have felt homeless for years because of the condition of my home," said Peggy Lierheimer, homeowner.
Peggy Lierheimer says her house was a staple in Webb City. Over time, her roof started leaking and the windows just weren't holding up anymore. She didn't have the funds to fix her home at the time, but she soon found an answer to her escalating problems.
"It's always great to stay in your home as long as you can," said Debbie Markman, Economic Security Corp. Resource Development Director. 
Debbie Markman works for the Economic Security Corporation and she says the HERO Program helps people like Lierheimer.
"The whole purpose of it is for them to be able to get some general repairs made to their home so that they can stay in that home and not have to move somewhere else," said Markman.
The program services people in Barton, Jasper, McDonald and Newton counties, but it gives homeowners age 62 and over priority. Markman says all you have to do is apply for the program and wait for a response. Once contacted, officials will come to your home and access the necessary repairs. The total cost per house can't exceed $25,000, anything over that will be left to the homeowner. For Lierheimer, it was a cost she was willing to pay.
"They wrapped the windows and they put in some new vinyl windows. I've got eight new vinyl windows in the back, and then they gave me vinyl siding also," said Lierheimer. 
Now there are restrictions. The program wont replace your carpets, kitchen cabinets or anything cosmetic. It will fix or replace anything structural your home needs. If you're interested in this service, all you would have to do is contact the Economic Security Corporation to begin the application process. For more information, call 417-781-4437.

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