Economic Security Corporation Hero Program

Published 04/09 2014 07:25PM

Updated 04/09 2014 07:31PM

WEBB CITY, MO.--- The Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Missouri Area is using its home rehabilitation programs to help families restore their home. The "Hero" program allows home security to fix and make repairs that homeowners can't afford themselves. Individuals who qualify receive needed home repairs at no cost. 

"When we're working in neighborhoods, it kind of encourages the neighbors to start fixing up their homes as well," said Curtis Scott, Director of Home Repair Economic Security Corporation. 

This program helps those who can't fix up their home, whether that be because of income or age. Like other government run operations, homeowners have to own and live in their home for at least three years to qualify, so for Tressa and Debra Fredrick that was an easy qualification.

"Our folks got married in April of 44, and they moved into this house in April of 45, and this has been the home place ever since," said Debra Fredrick, Home Owner. 

Throughout the years the home began to fall apart, putting the Fredricks' in a tough situation, sale or repair.

"They come in and they've made the house more comfortable, safer, changed the windows out and we're going to be able to stay here quit awhile now," said Debra. 

Which lifts a huge weight off their shoulders.

"We just hated the idea of moving into an apartment, and this has been home, this is where we know where to come home to. So it means a lot," said Debra.

Tressa Fredrick says they don't even recognize the home anymore, not only is it energy efficient but they had their roof replaced, windows replaced, floors repaired, siding replaced and various other upgrades. 

"I like the outside because it's so nice and cozy, and homey looking and it's nice for the neighbors to look at too," said Tressa Fredrick, Home Owner. 

She says there's a real need in communities like Webb City for this type of program and she encourages other folks to take advantage of it. 

"Well there's a lot of older ones and there's a lot of ones that are disabled. They're no longer able to do the things they use to do and so for them, the project is really a tremendous help to those individuals," said Tressa. 

The program has been around for 11 years, but it just received 2014 funding on April 1st and they're looking for new applicants. You can find more information on how to apply by clicking here

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