Eastern Shawnee Tribe E-Waste and Tire Collection

Published 07/11 2014 06:02PM

Updated 07/11 2014 07:25PM

WYANDOTTE, OK.--- Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma Chief Glenda Wallace jumped on board with recylcing because of a flyer.

"An employee sent me a copy of flyer from the Chickasaw Tribe. The flyer was saying that they were going to have an e-waste, which is environmental waste event," said Chief Glenna Wallace, Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. 

From that sprang her idea for the Eastern Shawnee Tribe to do their own e-waste and tire collection.

"Last year, we were estatic that we got it under way, that we collected a trailor load of e-waste," said Chief Wallace. 

The tribe also collected more than 400 tires. It's because of efforts like that, that the department of Environmental Quality and Keep Oklahoma Beautiful recognized the Eastern Shawnee Tribe as an "Oklahoma Clean Community" Friday.

"Those initiatives through education through the young and the old will help to continue to recycle and keep this area clean," said Lloyd Kirk, Dept. of Environmental Quality.

The tribe is active with community outreach about environmental projects.

"Mostly education related, recycling related, capturing rainwater off of buildings and energy efficiency," said Kirk. 

The tribal chief says they also try to incorporate recycling at all businesses and schools.

"Now we send our fliers to other tribes, hoping it will inspire them, that they will do the same," said Chief Wallace. 

The tribe's e-waste and tire collection gathered even more items this year. 16 communites have been recognized as an Oklahoma Clean Community.

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