Direbrook Medieval Reenactment Group

A group of pixies, elfs, hunters and dwarves gather for weekly duels in Joplin. 

Members of Direbrook dress up in medieval garb and battle with foam swords and sticks, also called Live Action Role Play or LARP.

Each individual takes on a character name and costume, and meet each Saturday at Ewert Park in Joplin at noon to battle and play various games.

"You can take yourself into a whole new world. Because when you're here you're not you, you're not you, you're your character. It's just like playing any other game," says a pixie member of Direbrook, Loco Kitty. 

The group also does arts and crafts, like sewing their costumes by hand and leather-working.

The group is open to ages 14 and up, and Loco Kitty says it's a fun way to get some exercise while exploring the medieval world.

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