Diamond High's jolly snowman is back

A piece of hard work that burned to the ground last Friday has been replaced thanks to perseverance and dedication. I went to Diamond today and found out just how much the statue means to the community. 

Last Friday, a few unknown “grinches” tried to steal Christmas from Diamond High School.
"The kids were very upset,” says Don Epps, Diamond High School Principal.

Frosty the Snowman and his button nose were reduced to just ashes.

"We were hurt,” says Don Epps.
But now Frosty’s back. there must have been some magic in that old plastic hat.

"The community outcry was enormous about moving forward and bringing it back,” says Don Epps.

Just four days later, not one, but two Frostys are perched where the former once stood.

“And Frosty's got a new friend now and thanks to Steve Johnson and John Hinson they were the two guys that made this happen,” says Don Epps.

Frosty's new friend, who's made of steel, weighs more than 2 tons and will definitely go down in history.

"We try to teach our kids in times of adversity we want to move forward we don't want to give up and so that's the message we want our kids to have,” says Don Epps.

The two Frostys will greet visitors and students in Diamond every day until Christmas.

"Our kids ride the school busses and they come in and see the snowman everyday. They come into our school district, and we want them to have a nice environment,” says Don Epps.

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