Dawson Hirshey makes strides in recovery after foul ball accident

A young boy has made huge steps towards recovery after being hit by a foul ball at Joe Becker Stadium.

He is doing great, he actually spoke today for the first time after the incident. Joe Becker Stadium, normally the location of a light-hearted and fun night, a reminder of one extremely scary evening for this family.

What started as a normal baseball game at Joe Becker Stadium ended in the emergency room.

"We were just kind of in survival mode there for several days,” says Alicia Hughes-Hirshey.

We've slowed down the video so you can see the ball take a hard left, meeting Hughes-Hirshey’s seven year old son's forehead.

"Kind of your adrenaline sense kicks in at that point so like we stayed calm, there was no panic,” says Hughes-Hirshey.

Dawson was immediately taken to a local hospital then to children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

"He almost immediately went into surgery there probably with in 20 minutes of arrival,” says Hughes-Hirshey.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury…

"You know you're scared, but you just have to do what you have to do,” says Hughes-Hirshey.

But the doctors say Dawson will survive.

“We're luckier than so many other people and so we just have a huge faith in God, and that God is going to see us through all of this and the beauty in all of this is we get to go home with him,” says Hughes-Hirshey.

And with the support of so many....

"Loved and cared about and prayed for, it's just amazing, I would have never expected, it's just us, simple regular people,” says Hughes-Hirshey.

Numerous organizations have reached out to the family with donations. They've created a Facebook page for anyone wanting to get updates, there's a link to it here. Doctors are hopeful he'll make a full recovery.

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