D-Day Adventure Park Paintball War

Published 06/13 2014 06:13PM

Updated 06/13 2014 08:04PM

WYANDOTTE, OK.--- Almost 2,000 players from around the world gear up for a specific paintball war.  

"We're the world's largest paintball event. This is our 17th year that we've done this," said Dwayne Convirse, D-Day Adventure Park Owner.

The owner and creator of D-Day Adventure Park says participants travel from more than two dozen different countries to participate in this paintball war. 

"The best part about it, no matter how old you are or how young, you can play in this event," said Convirse.

The games are played on 1,200 acres with beach landings, army transports, and real military tanks. 

"Friday is where a large influx of people start to come in. Our numbers right now are right at 1,500 and so by tonight, we'll be real close to 2,000 people to play tomorrow," he said.

Dwayne Convirse was inspired to create D-Day Adventure Park in honor of his grandfather who fought on Utah Beach.

"Back in 95 and 96, he and I had went to one of his company reunions. And it was really interesting how those guys were on the beach and they talked to me and it was really just an awesome time with my grandfather," he said.

He says even though it's competition and the game can be brutal, at the end of the day, it's more than just a paint war.

"They've basically made a camping atmosphere, so they're family. They camp together and they want to see each other, so it's not really just about playing paintball so much. It's just about people coming together and sharing this moment," he said. 

Even though it's staged as a war zone, it's all fun and games. In the past, the event has drawn almost 4,000 people to the playing fields.

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