Crowder College Campus Housing Expansion

Published 01/27 2014 05:29PM

Updated 01/27 2014 07:32PM

NEOSHO, MO.--- Crowder College has been thinking about expanding their on-campus housing for several years and that thinking has been put into action. 

"We have more applicants for dorm space every year," said Dr. Kent Farnsworth, Crowder College Interim President. 

Crowder College has been wanting to expand its on-campus housing, but expanding can be expensive. So, Crowder decided to go a different route, across the street. 

"We learned that the Roughrider Village might be available for sale and we approached the owner. And he was willing to negotiate a price that we thought was very good," said Dr. Farnsworth. 

Residents and students think the apartments will be financially "college student friendly." 

"They will be able to have the opportunity to live here without having to find someone to sign for them, and having to go through the whole process. Also, they will be able to do the payment plans and working out with that instead of full monthly payments," said Thalia Jimenez, Student and Resident. 

The apartments consist of 64 units. 32 one bedroom and 32 two bedroom apartments. They will include all appliances, even a washer and dryer, but students must purchase their own microwave. Marco Collina is a foreign exchange student and soccer player from Brazil. He says the convenience is nice, especially for his circumstance. 

"Since I don't have a car, I have to walk over there at Crowder. So it's kind of convenient," said Marco Collina, Student and Resident. 

The apartments will be considered on-campus housing. They're set to open in the fall. As far as pricing for rent, that hasn't been determined by Crowder yet. 

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