Update: Parr Hill Dog Park Approved

JOPLIN, MO.--- There will soon be a new place fore dog owners to exercise their furry friends. Tonight, Joplin city leaders approved the construction of a new dog park. Mars Petcare Incorporated has offered to install $20,000 worth of fencing and equipment for the animal area at Parr Hill Park. Mars is the parent company of Pedigree dog food, which has factories in Joplin and Galena. The project will be a way for the corporation to show support of their workers, who were affected by the May 22nd tornado.

There will be 2 fenced in areas at Parr Hill park separating large dogs from small dogs. They will be located where 2 ponds have been filled, allowing just as much open space as there was before the tornado. Also, as part of the project, the city will be installing 3 playgrounds, 3 picnic areas, and a splash pad. City leaders say this will be a unique addition to Joplin's park system. 

"Having that dog park there and having the splash pad, it's going to be more family oriented, so there's more things for families to do when they go out," states Melodee Colbert-Kean, Joplin Mayor.

Mars Petcare has asked there be some form of recognition for the corporation at Parr Hill Park. Council members have agreed, as long as the sign or plaque is not obtrusive. Construction of the dog park will take place when crews finish removing lead tainted soil from the park.

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