Range Line Speed Limit Reduction Proposal

JOPLIN, MO.--- In this fast paced world, slowing down isn't usually well received. MODOT is proposing dropping the speed limit along Range Line Road. From Newman to 44th Street, the speed limit would be dropped from 45 to 40 miles per hour. Joplin officers say the 5 mile per hour difference could be a life saver.

"5 miles per hour is really the difference of having the crash, or not having the crash," said Cpl. Dan Haskins, Traffic Unit, Joplin Police Department.

Approximately 25,000 cars travel that stretch of roadway everyday, and police have responded to more than 350 accidents in just the past year.

"When we do our statistics and look at our high crash locations, the top 5 crash locations within the city are always Range Line," said Haskins.

Last year, MODOT conducted a study, giving city leaders a look at some of the big problems on Range Line.

"There are a number of factors, lack of limited access on to Range Line, combined with the number of cars. Of course, the speed contributes to that," said David Hunt, Transportation Engineer, City of Joplin.

Officers say while the lower speed could inconvenience some drivers, it could also have a big impact on public safety.

"Ultimately, we just want people to get to where they can safely, without having that crash, with those injuries," said Haskins.

City engineers and the Joplin Traffic Commission approved MODOT's recommendation at a meeting this evening. It will now head to the city council for final approval, but the matter has not been place on their agenda yet.

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