Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Among Latino Farmers Outreach Program

PURDY, MO.--- The University of Missouri Extension Office creates a program to help Latinos in Southwest Missouri. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture the number of Latino farmers is decreasing in the U.S.

MU Extension directors believe it's because of a lack of support. So, the office created a program that connects Latinos with local agencies to help them understand federal farm programs, better land techniques and how to network with other farmers.

"They're younger farmers, they're really interested in growing into farming, and I think they're the future of farming in this part of the country," said Stephen Jeanetta, MU Extension Community Outreach Director.

"The MU Extension programs that they have right now for the Latinos have shown us where we could get information, whereas before, a door would be closed in our face or people were close mouthed and didn't want to give you a lot of information," said Honey Galvez, Farmer.

For more information on the Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Among Latino Farmers Outreach Program, click here.

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