JPD Works to Reduce Distracted Driving

JOPLIN, MO-- Local police take the message to avoid distracted driving out on patrol. The Joplin Police Department is teaching a special distracted driving course to its own officers. They point out that with a range of high tech communication devices, there are several items in a patrol car that can take the driver's attention away from the road. The class is designed to make sure officers know the best way to respond to those potential distractions.

Joplin Police Sgt. Rusty Rives said, "There's a whole lot that goes on inside a police car between radios, radars, cameras, computers. So it's just one of those things we're bringing to the forethought and making sure they understand some of those complexities in the way the brain works and how we comprehend what we're doing."

Officers say the goal of the program is to reduce officer related traffic accidents.

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