Joplin Off Leash Dog Park

JOPLIN, MO.--- Suellen Burrack was no stranger to Parr Hill Park in Joplin before it closed for lead remediation.

"We used it 2 to 3 times a year for gatherings," said Suellen Burrack, Dog Owner.

She's thrilled to see it come back with a new addition, an off leash dog arena.

"I think a lot of people will be happy to have it open and I hope they use it well," said Burrack.

Workers with the Joplin Parks and Recreation Department say the new canine park is for those owners who consider their pets to be members of the family.

"Just one more things for families to do together," said Chris Cotten, Joplin Parks and Recreation Department, Director.

The fenced in dog park includes drinking fountains for owners and their four legged friends, a giant shade structure, and benches that are something to bark about.

"We have an area for small dogs and an area for big dogs. So, dogs 30 pounds and under will go on one side and dogs over 30 pounds will go on the other," said Cotten.

Before your dog can have its day, it must be registered with the Parks and Recreation Office.

"All dogs have to be vaccinated. They have to be neutered or sterilized," said Cotten.

City staff believe the dog area is just one way Parr Hill has come back better than it was before May 22nd, 2011.

"The day of the tornado, there was one picnic shelter and one playground. Now, we have 3 picnic shelters, 3 playgrounds, a splash pad and an off leash dog park. We have a lot for everybody to do," said Cotten.

Burrack says seeing the new and improved Parr Hill park gives new meaning to the phrase, "there's life in the old dog yet."

"As our parks open and we get new ones, I hope we don't forget about our old ones too," said Burrack.

Dog registration fees are $8 for the first dog and $4 for additional canines. The money covers costs of the gate card and a dog tag needed for entry to the park.

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