Joplin Church Members Volunteer in Moore

JOPLIN, MO.--- Kymbre Resler is 1 of 35 people from Joplin who is spending part of the summer helping victims of the Moore tornado.

"I don't think I'm nervous at all. I'm pretty excited actually," said Kymbre Resler, Volunteer.

The group is being led by the Village Heights Christian Church Youth Minister Justin Avery, who has a special connection to those in the tornado ravaged area.

"It's my hometown. It's where I grew up, It's where I graduated," said Justin Avery, Village Heights Christian Church Youth Minister.

He says the decision to go and help was a no brainer.

"When you see people hurting that way, then you have to do what you can," said Avery.

The volunteers want to give back in the same way Joplin received help after the May 2011 tornado.

"Debris cleanup, we're going to be helping with individual families that are recovering from the storms," said Avery.

Avery believes it will be a growing experience for everyone making the trip.

"We're trying to go down without any preconceived ideas of what we can accomplish. We just want to be able to be of service," said Avery.

Resler says she wants to lend a hand in several ways, physically and emotionally.

"To be an emotional backup for them. If they need somebody to talk to or just to talk to them about God's work, or what we're here to do for them or the Kingdom of God," said Resler.

The group has spent the last 6 weeks preparing for the trip. They will return this Saturday night.

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