JOMONOLA Appreciation Day

JOPLIN, MO.--- Representatives with Active Lifestyle Events presented donations to 2 Joplin nonprofit organizations. The company is in charge of the Joplin Memorial Run, and presented Bright Futures and JOMONOLA leaders each with a check for more than $10,000.

The money was raised during the run earlier this year, and ALE officials chose to split the proceeds among the 2 organizations. Each group officially received $10,161. The extra $161 is in remembrance of the lives lost in the Joplin tornado. Representatives with both nonprofits were overwhelmed by the donations.

"We were done with the ride but still $10,000 short. When we came home to find out that the Joplin Memorial Run had decided to use some of their proceeds to fill our gap and give us over a $10,000 check, that's just phenomenal. This community is amazing," said Jerrod Hogan, Rebuild Joplin Executive Director and JOMONOLA Rider.

"You know, we are always looking for ways we can help the students in the Joplin community and we still have lots of children here who have lots of needs, so I don't think it will ever stop," said Peggy Fuller, Bright Futures, Joplin Chairman.

The JOMONOLA group was also presented with a proclamation from Joplin city leaders during tonight's council meeting, marking July 15th, 2013 officially as JOMONOLA Appreciation Day.

More than 30 riders made the 800 mile trip to New Orleans over 10 days and surpassed their goal of raising $150,000. While JOMONOLA organizers say they're not sure if this will be annual event, they are planning to make the trip at least one more time. They are currently in the process of finalizing dates for next year.

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