Galena Schools Takes Action to Make Vending Machine Healthier

Published 07/26 2013 12:26PM

Updated 07/26 2013 12:30PM

GALENA, KS.--- "We had a health and wellness plan that we developed with a committee, and they made the determination at that time to go ahead and make the changes in our vending machines, because we felt like it was in the best interest of our students," said Brian Smith, Galena School District Superintendent.

Galena's Superintendent Brian Smith says they've replaced foods high in fat, sugar, and sodium with whole grains and fruits and vegetables.

"A lot of times it's those 100 calorie snacks or low sugar or sugar free, like a small bag of pretzels," said Smith.

He adds they've swapped out all their pop machines for milk or water, but the school even took the plan one step further by adding a salad and fruit bar to the lunch menu.

"You'd be surprise by how much on those trays they can put, especially they love like fresh fruits, grapes, the oranges, apples. It really surprised me by how much they do eat," said Smith.

It's not all health snacks during games on Friday nights.

"Concessions at games, we still have the soda and the candy, and so forth," said Smith.

However, Smith emphasizes during school hours, the administrators want to be healthy role models for students and other schools.

"I think it's just so important for quality of life, it's just as important as writing skills and math skills," said Smith.

This new change is part of an effort to help slim down the nation's student population, goals the Obama Administration set back in 2010.

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