Crawford County Residents Meet with Democratic Candidates for the Upcoming Elections

By Bryan McLoone |

Published 04/15 2014 09:35PM

Updated 04/15 2014 10:14PM

PITTSBURG, KS.--- People in Crawford County had a chance to meet with the state's Democratic candidates for the upcoming elections. Many of the candidates thought it was more important just to get out and meet the people who will be making the decisions come election time. Residents in Crawford County had a chance to meet with Kansas Democrats who are running for state and U.S. positions later this year.

"These types of events are great because they give you an opportunity to network and meet people and talk to people, and find out what their issues and hear their personal stories," said Dennis Anderson, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Candidate. 

One of the candidates who attended the event was Paul Davis, who is running for governor. Some of his priorities are school funding and lowering property tax, but  says that can't happen with the current economy.

"Kansas is lagging behind all of our surrounding states and the rest of the nation in terms of all kinds of different economic factors. First thing we need to do is get this economy going again," said Paul Davis, Kansas Governor Candidate. 

U.S. Senate Candidate Chad Taylor also says a better economy will help the people in the state.

"It's time that we renew our focus and focus on the priorities of our people. And I think the first one needs to be good jobs, good paying jobs, with good benefits," said Chad Taylor, U.S. Senate Candidate. 

Kansas Attorney General Candidate Anthony Kotich says with all the scams out now, the state needs to protect a specific group of people.

"I think there is an epidemic, a growing epidemic on committing fraud on senior citizens, and we're going to stop that," said Anthony Kotich, Kansas Attorney General Candidate. 
Taylor says without events like these, people may not realize a vote is coming up.

"If people don't get out, get active, get involved and most importantly, vote, nothing is ever going to change," said Taylor. 

Another topic of interest that came up was to try and avoid sending court cases to prosecution. The primary election is on August 5th and the general election is scheduled for November 4th.

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