Crawford County Economic Development Committee gathers for first 2017 meeting

PITTSBURG, Kan. - The Crawford County Economic Development Committee gathered Monday for its first meeting of the new year. Community leaders like Arma council members, McCune business owners and the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce were all seen Monday at the Crawford County Economic Development Committee gathering.
"We're just stronger and better when we can work together and use the resources we have," explained Crawford County commissioner Jeff Murphy.
Since forming in early 2016, the group meets regularly to discuss topics like housing, business development and workforce growth. Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, President Blake Benson says meetings like these give city leaders information to take back and better their community.
"Make sure that issues that cities and Crawford County may be sharing and how often, how what is effecting one community, even if it isn't affecting the other community yet, it certainly will in the future and that can be both bad and good," added Pittsburg Chamber President Blake Benson.
Since 2012, the City of Pittsburg has earned more than $260 million in planned or executed projects. And, the benefits are reaped from surrounding towns.
"It trickles back to the rest of the county, which has been great for our community. We've seen an increase in our sales tax, people driving through that stop and spending money. It benefits our local library, it benefits our streets, it benefits our city park," said McCune business owner Sherie Schenker.
In addition to improving each city, group leader Jeff Murphy says they are working on projects to break borders and succeed together.
"A website that would allow businesses that would want to move in or move to another location to have all the open properties in the county," Crawford County commissioner Jeff Murphy. explained.
Murphy says the county is also working to create tax abatement policies to relieve new or expanding businesses of property taxes. The group plans to meet again next month to take further steps in straightening Crawford County.

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