Crawford County Attorney is making Pittsburg safer for residents

"We are taking these cases very seriously and if you have drugs in Pittsburg, you're going to get charged," explained Crawford County Assistant County Attorney Christina Lloyd.
Crawford County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Christina Lloyd isn't playing around when it comes to making the City of Pittsburg a safer place for residents.
"We had a couple of successful warrant pick-ups that we did through the police station where we went and served warrants early in the morning and throughout the day and made several arrests in a single day," Lloyd added.
So far, she has filed more than 90 felony cases, getting the Prosecutor's Office up-to-date on backlogged cases.
"They're always wondering 'Well, why isn't anything begin done?' and sometimes, it is up to a point, and then it doesn't go to trial. And then, the people are back on the streets and so she brings us that option of 'Hey, the buck stops here.' Christina's going to make sure that there's an accounting ad," said Pittsburg City Manager Daron Hall.
Lloyd says majority of the drug dealers in the area are re-offenders and she says if they do the crime they need to do the time. 
"Especially with the drug dealers, I think that a lot of them have not spent enough time incarcerated and I think that message needs to change," Lloyd explained.
Lloyd says she would like to eventually create a drug treatment program for the community for those found in possession. However, she adds suspects will only get so many chances to go through it.

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