Council Members Vote on Ordinance to Make the Girard Library a City Department

By Bryan McLoone |

Published 06/10 2014 09:09PM

Updated 06/10 2014 11:42PM

GIRARD, KS.--- "If the city would take over Girard library, we'd be the only library in the State of Kansas that was not controlled by Board of Directors," said Barbara Mikrut, Girard Library Board President  

The Girard City Library currently has a nonprofit status, which allows for state aid and donations. Last month, the Girard City Council voted on an ordinance to make the library a city department, giving the city control of the library.    

"If the city takes that over, some of those services will have to go away because we will not have the money to provide all the services we do right now," said Mikrut. 

Girard Library Board President Barbara Mikrut says if the library becomes a city department, their nonprofit status is gone.  

"From just the state aid and other grants and things, we could lose $15,000 or more," she said. 

"We was just curious what all they had. You know, no other city department has this. And we kind of wanted to be brought up to date with what they had," said Dave Garrett, Girard City Council Member 

Girard City Council Member Dave Garrett says the ordinance was voted for because the city did not know about some of the non city funding the library was getting. 

"We spent like almost $10,000 on a little storage building to store books in it. Well, they could have used some of their capital outlay money to buy, to pay for it, instead of coming to the city," said Garrett.

Garrett says the council is not out to get the library, but Mikrut says becoming a city department will force changes with the library.

"If we cut employees, then we would have to cut back on library hours and we would have to cut back on programming," said Mikrut. 

For now, library officials are passing around a petition to stay nonprofit. If 61 people sign it, the issue could go before voters in November.

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