Community comes together to mourn loss of Jonathan Munoz-Bilbrey

A community comes together to mourn the death of three year old Jonathan Munoz-Bilbrey.

Three year old Jonathan Munoz-Bilbrey died Sunday afternoon shortly after 2:45. Tonight, his mother was surrounded by community members and friends to mourn his death.

Police say Munoz-Bilbrey was abused by 21 year old Lenard Valdez, who is in a Kansas City jail pending the death investigation. The boy's grandparents, Crystal Hunt and Eugene Garrido say Jonathan, or JJ would always run through the living room and say hi to everyone. They say JJ was perfect and that he loved Valdez and liked spending time with him. The boy's grandparents say Valdez spent many nights in their home and added this isn't something they saw coming.

Crystal Hunt, Grandmother: "Being a human being as an adult, I don't deserve to be touched like that, I mean That is some pure evil."

Hunt says she'll go to the courtroom for Valdez's case to show him the anger and pain she's feeling right now. The family has set up a Go Fund Me to raise money to bring Jonathan back to Colorado.

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