Clay Nature Class

Joplin, MO - Clay Nature Class People tapped into their artistic and strategic sides for a clay nature class at The Wildcat Glades today. Several people created game pieces out of clay for a gameboard created by Paw Paw Patch Productions. The educational game is all about opossum's and the survival of the species. To win the game you have to collect food, water, shelter and a mate. After the event, they get to take a game board home and learn about Missouri's most misunderstood animal. Cyndi Cogbill/Paw Paw Patch Productions Owner: "I hope that they get to take away some art skills. And understand working in polymer clay better. But more important is that I want them to appreciate nature. So these classes almost always are tied to nature and art. And hopefully they're gonna share with other people that opossum's are not the creepy creatures that we think they are." The Wildcat Glades will hold another class next month with a focus on Monarch Butterflies.

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