City Leaders Work to Improve Pittsburg's Internet Technology

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 02/07 2014 09:05PM

Updated 02/07 2014 11:19PM

PITTSBURG, KS.--- The City of Pittsburg is investing in its technology. 

"We're increasing our bandwidth, and also needing increase in our internet access as well," said Jay Byers, Pittsburg Innovation Director. 

The city will be spending approximately $300,000 a year to increase its bandwidth, which is the amount of information the city's network can hold. The goal is to also strengthen and increase the speed of the internet connection.

"It's just a really good solid base for us to build on and it should serve the community, not just the businesses, but also the residents," said Daron Hall, Pittsburg City Manager. 

This upgrade is being made possible by the Pittsburg Public Safety Sales Tax that voters approved back in September of last year. The upgrades will primarily affect police officers.

"The police department's going to have tools at its disposal that it really has never had before. Like I said, we're going to have cameras, we going to have much quicker access to information in the field to the police officers, so they'll be better equipped to deal with situations," said Byers. 

Other city workers will be able to take advantage of the technological improvements as well.

"Construction staff who are out in the field, to be able to access all of their work orders, their pictures, all of the information that they need to do the work. As well as, take a picture of what they've done. Add it to the record and send it back to the system, all while in the field," said Byers. 

City Manager Daron Hall says this is a good investment for the city, because it will make the area more attractive to potential businesses looking to move to Pittsburg.

"That's how people do business now. They do it over the internet. The communication just gets faster and faster every year. And I think the more that we have a platform to allow people to do that and their companies, then that makes us a more attractive place to come," said Hall. 

The city has already begun the planning phase for the new additions. They expect this to be an ongoing project for the next several years.

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