Christmas Package Theft

A homeowner in Joplin is seeking justice after a doorbell camera catches a thief stealing a package right off of the door step. She says the package arrived earlier than expected, but her bigger concern is it appears the thief was just about 10 minutes behind the mailman, waiting for something to be dropped off.

"She didn't even look nervous she didn't even look you'd think you'd be looking around she just kind of walked up like she owned the place,” says Natalie Wimer.

Natalie Wimer had a Christmas gift shipped to her home.

"And It takes forever for this place to send you your stuff so I was kind of tracking it but not religiously,” says Natalie Wimer.

She really wasn't even expecting it to get there until later in the week. 

"I thought it was going to be delivered Thursday,” says Natalie Wimer.

But when she tracked it, turns out it came early.

"And it said it was delivered Monday and I was like ‘wait a minute I did not have a package yesterday,’” says Natalie Wimer.

That's when she turned to her doorbell security camera.

"I saw the mailman came at 1:48, he dropped my package off, I saw the video cam and the next video was a lady walking up my steps and then she just picked up my package and then walked away,” says Natalie Wimer.

She watched in disbelief.

"Like I can't believe that really happened,” says Natalie Wimer.

Wimer says in the video it looks like the woman actually had a friend.

"So I feel like they were probably a team,” says Natalie Wimer.

And may not have been just a spur of the moment thing.

"I think it was like a targeted, we're going to follow this mailman and anytime he drops a box, we're going to get it,” says Natalie Wimer.

The Joplin Police Department encourages people who see suspicious people going up to houses to get a description and immediately call law enforcement. And Wimer has some advice for the thief.

"She's just walking around at 2 o'clock on an afternoon, go get a job and buy your own presents, don't steal someone else's,” says Natalie Wimer.

As for Natalie's Christmas gift, she was able to send the video to the company and she's getting it replaced for free. JPD adds if you think you've had a package stolen to call your local police department and report it.

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