Chasing Squirrels Boutique takes their shop to the teachers

With many jobs, you can go out and do some shopping over your lunch hour. But for teachers, it's often not that easy.

So members of a Joplin-based pop up boutique, "Chasing Squirrels Boutique" brought the shop to teachers at Lincoln Elementary in Baxter Springs. The business set up shop in the school's library for part of the day. And Sherri Stout, co-owner of the business, says 10 percent of all the proceeds will go to teachers at the school.

"Because we love our teachers, it's very relevant in the news, they work very hard and they have to pay for a lot of things out of their own pocket so we want to give back to them and help them have fun and do a little shopping,” says Sherri Stout.

In addition to teachers at the school, the boutique was also open to the public.

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