Cassville woman spreads holiday cheer with window paintings

A Cassville woman spreads cheer throughout her small town with a new kind of holiday decoration. This holiday season, a drive down main street in Cassville looks a little different.

"Everyone always says ‘I love your paintings! I love your windows!’" says Amanda Dotson, Messy Apron Owner.

Amanda Dotson took a break from her usual canvas painting, and took to windows.

"I went and painted my own windows and then another business called me and said hey will you come do my windows. That was the chiropractor in town,” says Amanda Dotson.

"I was like ‘if you want a test dummy we will be the first ones,’” says Douglas C. Johnson, Johnson Chiropractic.
“And then another business seen his and said will you come do our windows?" says .Amanda Dotson

So Dotson loaded the trunk of her car with paints and brushes and began adding some holiday spirit to business after business. 

"The exact reason we wanted to do this is to bring out some more cheer. You know anything Christmas spirit wise, we have more Christmas lights, more windows,” says Douglas C. Johnson.

But for Dotson, it's also nostalgic for how she began painting in the first place.

"I took my mom to her first canvas class, we had fun that night and everything. And we had scheduled to go the next month to do another painting, and then she committed suicide. So every month I went painting and went painting, because that's the last thing my mom and I did together,” says Amanda Dotson.

She's now painted for almost 20 businesses, and donates all the proceeds to a local ministry which, like painting, helped her cope with the loss of her mother.

"That's my way of giving back to people that don't have anything. And everyday I get to witness to people. Tell them about how I started painting and how Jesus saved me,” says Amanda Dotson.

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