Carthage schools introduces "Wonder Women's Club"

A local school introduces a program for young women who are looking for support.

7th and 8th grade girls in Carthage now have a program where they can relate to other students about issues they may be facing.

"The Wonder Women's Club is a place where girls get some mentoring and also learn some social skills and life skills that they may not have at home,” says Rita Waynick, school counselor.

"I think it's a good program for people to become friends and interact with more people and to let your feelings out and talk to people,” says Jenna Jamerson.

Anything that may be weighing on a girl's mind is open for discussion. 

"Some of the things that we have discussed with them; why are breakups so hard? Why do people not like me? They've asked some questions about girl's issues that they may have, girl health issues. Other things they may ask; what can I do with this skill that I just learned such as when we taught CPR. When can we use this? Will I hurt somebody if I use CPR? It's really given them a place to be open,” says Rita Waynick.

"I feel like I can meet more friends or I could have more friends so I liked the idea,” says Jenna Jamerson.

“Wonder Women” started in January and now meets twice a month. The turnout has been good in Waynick's eyes. 

"We've had anywhere from 20 to 50 girls show up at any given time depending on what event we're putting on for the day,” says Rita Waynick.

Plus, the group has had a positive effect on the student's academics.

"I really see that they're building a positive relationship and I think that helps them be more successful in the classroom,” says Rita Waynick.

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