Carthage Park System Improvement Study

Published 01/27 2014 05:39PM

Updated 01/27 2014 07:37PM

CARTHAGE, MO.--- University students reveal a tool to improve the Carthage park system. Carthage Mayor Mike Harris looked at the latest visioning plan for their park system. Several Drury University students presented their ideas after a six month study.

"They looked at the city as a whole and they included some areas that we haven't included in the park system, but are going to in the future, like walnut bottoms," said Mike Harris, Carthage Mayor. 

The nearly 200 page study revealed ideas on how to add to the city park's system such as pocket parks.

"Small neighborhood parks that would tie a neighborhood together. Another thing they are interested in is a trail system, tying all of our parks together," said Harris. 

The study suggests ways to improve current parks, like adding a nature center at Kellogg Lake.

"Canoeing, using the Spring River waterway, there would be outdoor classrooms and conservation areas and small ampitheater," said Harris. 

The mayor says the idea of "smart growth" mentioned in the study appeals to him, of which there are several advantages, like lowering the cost of transportation and public safety.

"That would be that we would expand within the city and maybe rehab areas that would need it and not make the city any larger," said Harris. 

The mayor says they plan to look into these ideas and the others suggested by the students.

"This is a long-term plan, it's not something that we can do immediately, but we are going to use it as focus as we move forward," said Harris. 

The mayor says they'll talk with the Public Services Committee on how to move forward with the plan, and decide what their early priorities will be.

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